A successor of GSM GATE provides many improvements over the original version: more powerful processor that allows for easier device configuration, possible device configuration via PC USB port, inserting a SIM card without having to open the box, the option given to each of the four inputs to four phone, two numbers + SMS, bigger LCD display version "B" (2x16 to 2x8 in comparison with the previous version), 20s reference for reporting alarm, robust aluminium casing, smaller size. A completely new version with "E", can simulate an analogue telephone line for the control panel, which greatly simplifies the installation of GSM gateways (GSM gateway is not needed at all configured).

NOTE: The default gateway is supplied in the form of the seeded PCA with the respective number of terminals (depending on version), self-adhesive clip and magnetic antenna 900 / 1800Mhz with 2 m cable and SMA.

  • SUPERGATE Ver.A (4 configurable inputs, 4x4 + phone numbers 4x2SMS, tapping remote, remote control relay calling - from firmware version 2.2)
  • SUPERGATE Ver.B (4 configurable inputs, 4x4 + phone numbers 4x2SMS, LCD 2x16 characters, 2xRelay controlled via SMS)
  • SUPERGATE Ver.C (4 configurable inputs, 4x4 + phone numbers 4x2SMS, feature simple control panel - activating / deactivating the calling of authorized numbers)
  • Module voice recorder 20s (only for version A and C)
  • Highly sensitive microphone (-44dB) for interception with 2 m cable
  • USB port + SW SUPERGATE MANAGER (for all versions)
  • Aluminum box (for all versions)


GSM Door Phone

Our product has number of advantages over traditional door phone:
1. The physical presence of the user is not necessary to connect with the person at the door / gate
2. Only one cable is required to the outdoor unit (power equipment)
3. You can use almost any existing outdoor unit (design)
4. The user can program up to four persons, with which you can connect through an external unit
5. In addition, both systems can operate in same time (conventional and GSM) with the same outdoor unit (depending on the outdoor unit) - the user answers the call by residential units or by GSM phone
6. Calling back the number of authorized user can activate the electrical appliance (electromagnetic lock of the door or garage door)
7. The user can set on his phone special ringtone for GSM door phone thus will be immediately obvious that someone is at the door or gate without prejudice to the received call
8. After pressing a button additional function can be set - playing a sound  (barking dog - that function requires buying a special sound module)
9. Very good price

This device is intended for example for hotels and hostels without permanent reception services, for companies when, for example a courier brings the goods out of working hours and of course for houses (protection against thieves or if the postman comes), pharmacies, shops, kiosks, information kiosks without permanent services, etc.